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About the School

College of Kinesiology


1968—the school was founded as the Taipei Physical Education Junior College.

1996—became Taipei Physical Education College

2013—University of Taipei (UT in short) was formally established on August 1st, 2013.

UT is a comprehensive university which combined Taipei Municipal University of Education with TaipeiPhysical Education College. The Taipei Physical Education College originated fromTaipei Physical Education Junior College」, which was founded in 1968, so the school has a 46 years history. TaipeiPhysical Education College」 was a key school in implementing the government's policy for developing PE and sports by developing elite athletes, dance and art talents, physical education(PE) teachers at all levels of schools, sports coaches, research personnel in kinesiology and excellent social PE workers.



(1) To advance research in sports science (Kinesiology).

(2) To be a key school for promoting the development of the national Sports Training Center.

(3) To reach excellent achievements globally.



Currently, the School is composed of 7 departments, 4 graduate institutes and 1 master'sdegree program, and mainly intends to develop: elite coaches and athletes, PE teachers at all levels of schools, full-time coaches, research personnel of kinesiology, leaders in kinesiology and excellent personnel in social kinesiology development. The school also aims to foster long-term cooperation with the national policy of physical education.